Our History

Our family have been farming for well over 40 years, and have always enjoyed the fresh country air and a well-rounded lifestyle working with all of our animals. Dogs have always been an integral part of this. Whether they're working dogs or family companions, dogs are just a way of life for all of us. Being able to watch our children grow up around the animals, and now watching our grandchildren do the same, provides a real family bond.


Our Companion Puppies/Dogs
Gunnar Kennels have been involved in breeding companion puppies for over twelve years. Over the years we have been working to ensure that we provide new families with a puppy that has a fantastic temperament and all-round good nature. We work hard to try to fit puppies with the right family according to their unique personality.


We specialise in 1st Generation Puppies

After many years of trialling different breeds and crosses we finally have settled on three specific lines. These lines appeal to us because each line has a different look and definitely a different personality and energy level. This allows us to provide families with the perfect new addition depending on their lifestyle, needs, and wants.

For us, health and temperament are the two most important characteristics that we are striving for. It’s a well-known fact that a first generation companion puppy is less likely to carry hereditary illnesses that many pedigree or pure-lines can carry. While we can’t guarantee these are all eliminated, you can have confidence that the likelihood of your puppy having a hereditary issue is far lesser. Additionally, through many years of breeding development, we have a consistent track record of our puppies growing into well-rounded personalities with little to no health issues.


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