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Our Breeds - 1st Generation

We are really lucky to have two fantastic stud dogs one is a Toy Poodle and the other a King Charles Cavalier this allows us to breed Cavoodle/Poochon and Cavachons all first generation, this allows you to be more selective on what will best suit your lifestyle and living arrangements. Additionally we also provide a rating of sorts for each of our breed lines this rating relates to exercise and activity, if you are a family that is into the outdoors and hiking etc. then you want a companion that can keep up and share in the outdoors. However if you wish to have a companion that’s happy to relax on the couch and only needs little exercise we can point you in the right direction.



These breeds are suited to families that can provide exercise on a daily basis, the Cavoodle also enjoys hiking and jogging perfect for a busy family.



Similar to the Cavoodle this breed enjoys exercise, they tend not to have the same drive as a Cavoodle so moderate hiking will be fine and short distance jogging.



This breed again enjoys walking and exercise to a moderate level, we suggest walking and hiking they will be great but running long distances may not suit them.

Please note the above is only a guide, exercise requirements vary from pup to pup and weight diet, additionally high level exercise should not be done until a puppy is at least eight months old.


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